Inspirations – escaping lockdown through photography


Recreating a work of art at home

Recently, the Getty Museum issued a challenge to recreate favourite works of art using just three objects lying around at home.  It was inspired by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and an Instagram account called Between Art and Quarantine

Thousands of people have responded and there are lots of examples online, as I found to my cost one evening when I started checking them out…. not sure it was time well-spent, but a lot of them are very funny.  [Diana]

Yawning man with dish-towel

The tiny laundress



The Great Indoors

This news item caught my eye yesterday [Diana]:

Los Angeles-based photographer Erin Sullivan has found an unconventional way to satiate her penchant for exploration while under a stay-at-home order because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sullivan let her creativity go wild in her latest photo series, “Our Great Indoors.”  In it, she constructs fantastical landscapes from common household objects found in her apartment, such as pancakes, pillow cases and raincoats […. and broccoli!]

Sullivan’s career as a travel photographer has brought her to some of the most beautiful places around the world.  These excursions helped her prepare for more than 40 days in self-quarantine.

Sweet sand dunes

A figurine hikes the cave of a paper bag. (Erin Sullivan for The Washington Post)



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