Future Programme

15th January  AGM

18th February  Adrian Oakes Landscape Photography 1.

Adrian is a local and well regarded landscape photographer who runs his own courses. He has a number of websites, have a look at https://www.adrianoakes.com.

He says the first session is mainly showing photographs and techniques.

19th March  Adrian Oakes Landscape Photography 2.

This session would follow on from the first one and would contain post processing techniques and demonstrations.

Members need to be aware that there will be a projection of member’s landscape photos in the April session.

16th April  Viewing Member’s Images.

This session would be a projection of landscape photographs perhaps learning from the previous talks, but also giving the chance to present images that may be suitable for future calendars, incorporating photographs from the whole Parish, not just Woodbury.

At this session some of Sylvia Wickenden’s photos of landscapers will also be distributed and members will be invited to re-photograph them during the summer for display in September. (See the ”Then & Now Project” 17th Set.).

21st May Colin Varndell “Close Encounters”

Colin Varndell is photographer from Dorset, and is a superb wildlife photographer. His images have a haunting quality and can be seen on http://colinvarndell.co.uk. This presentation is really a demonstration of macro photography and covers close up shots  of a wide range of nature subjects; including: frost, raindrops, leaf details, reflections, icicles, abstract patterns, dew, wild flowers, bursting buds, dragonflies, butterflies, tree blossoms, mosses, nuts, fungi, cobwebs, autumn colour, hornets and other invertebrates.

18th June Colin Varndell A Year in the Country

This presentation includes natural history images, including birds, mammals, reptiles, invertebrates, wild flowers, trees, woodland landscapes.

16th July Wildlife Photographs

Following on from Colin”s sessions, members are asked to bring wildlife photos to this session for projection and comment. This should include the vast range covered by Colin, including wild animals, birds and a range of wild flowers. 

20th August Review of Calendar Photographs

View member’s submission of photographs for Calendar, including making a shortlist for subsequent selection.

15th September “Then and Now” Project

This will be a projection of the photographs taken for the Keeble Martin anniversary, showing a comparison of the earlier photographs with the “up to date” equivalents. The results will then be displayed at the Woodbury Wide Awake exhibition on November 23rd in the WVH.

15th October Select Photos for Competition

Sidmouth will be running the 3/4 way Club competition. It will be necessary to select the photographs which will go forward to the projection of photographs for judging in October. Sidmouth suggested Seaton as the subject of the photos taken and the Competition itself would be held early in November.

19th November Seeing Fresh Review.

This will be review of the work of the Special Interest Group “Seeing Fresh”  in 2019, in which members will take responsibility for presenting the work of the Group by mini presentations,

17th December Christmas Dinner