‘Desert Island’ Photographic Inspirations – Intro


Through the Coronavirus ‘lockdown’, I am going to post regularly about my favourite photographers – the ones whose work I would take to my ‘Desert Island,’ if I were Self-Isolating there.  I will organise them roughly by subject-matter, starting with ‘A Sense of Place.’

This is obviously a completely personal choice, and they are mostly what might be called ‘artist-photographers’ of very high standing.  What unites this selection is the individuals’ passion for and commitment to their art-form, their subjects, and the ideas behind their work – shining through in the qualities of their images.  Their work sets the bar rather high!  So whether you like them or not, whether you can identify with them in some way or not, I hope you may enjoy following some of them up.   A good place to get an overview is to put the photographer’s name into Google Images and get a screen-full of their work all at once!

I hope this may be a catalyst for Club members to reflect on what kinds of photography we each particularly enjoy – themes, styles, subjects, stories?  How might this influence our own image-making – what do we feel drawn to photographing, why, and how?

If any members feel inspired to research and share some of their own recommendations, please contact me by email and we’ll get them onto the blog, too.

We’re aiming to have the May Club meeting on 19 May by Zoom, to chat about anything that has arisen from these ‘Desert Island’ inspirations.




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